Dried products


Whether fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, herbs, medicinal plants or spices, with INNOTECH drying systems you produce high-quality dried products. Do not hesitate to ask us for samples of various products. The following pictures have not been edited or embellished with filters. They give an honest, real impression of drying products produced with INNOTECH drying systems.

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  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Apfel | Apple

Aubergine | Aubergine

Banane | Banana

Rote Beete | Beetroot

Brombeere | Black berry

Heidelbeere | Blue berry

Karotte | Carrot

Chilli | Chilli

Johannisbeere | Currant

Kiwi | Kiwi

Pilze | Mushroom

Zwiebeln | Onion

Orange | Orange

Pfirsich | Peach

Birne | Pear

Paprika | Pepper

Kartoffeln | Potato

Rote Zwiebeln | Red Onion

Tomaten | Tomato

Zuchini | Zuchini


Contract drying

We are happy to offer our experience in handling your products and carry out contract drying with our in-house drying facilities. Whether small batches or a large batch production - Simply enquire!