HT mini

Our smallest series:

For farms, producer groups, socio-therapeutic institutions, schools, research laboratories, or similar. Produce valuable dried products on your own farm, process oversized and undersized products, B-goods, surplus quantities, harvest peaks yourself and utilise them economically through drying. Apple rings, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, onion rings, kitchen herbs, dried soup vegetables: all year round at direct marketers, at the weekly market, at retailers and as a speciality at the Christmas market enable attractive revenues and independence from the price fluctuations of the fresh produce market.

School lessons, cross-curricular and interdisciplinary:

As an innovative teaching companion, the HT mini can be used in a variety of ways. Current topics such as food security and the environment, ecotrophology, as well as scientific correlations can be practically learned and experienced by your pupils with our smallest model of the series. From purchasing to processing the fresh produce, documenting and evaluating the drying process, as well as consuming or selling the products (class treasury) - the possibilities for using our robust dryer are great. Chemical analyses, laboratory work, as well as commercial basics and marketing can be carried out excellently on the dried product. Particularly suitable for learning groups due to the safe and simple operation - even in primary schools. Our "smallest" is also increasingly proving its worth in producer groups, socio-therapeutic and diaconal institutions.


Benefits & Application

  • Short drying time of only a few hours
  • Uniform, particularly gentle drying
  • Air flow according to the overflow principle
  • Operation possible without continuous supervision
  • No restacking of racks
  • Recirculation for lowest energy consumption
  • Total energy consumption below 1 kWh/kg fresh produce
  • Universal, as adjustable for all fruits and vegetables
  • Refinement of unsold fresh produce
  • Drying of small quantities
  • Special products: Mushrooms, yoghurt production, etc.